Un1imted is a company based in Bristol, United Kingdom that seeks to revolutionize the way we tackle the problem of integrating renewable energy solutions into the urban environment. With the invention of our concentrator system for BI-CPVT (Building Integrated Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal Collector), we strive to create a new approach to develop self-sustainable buildings in high-rise metropolitan areas by using our technology as an integral component of real-estate development.

Characterizing the last decade has been an enormous migration of people from rural areas to urban areas/ cities. The more people moving to urban areas to make cities their home, the more polluted the cities become and of course the more energy that is required to sustain the cities. The best solution by far to alleviate the burden of providing energy from traditional sources are PV panels. Due to the restricting nature of the urban environment, namely making the roof the only viable place to integrate PV panels into the cityscape. On the other hand, Building Integrated PV (BIPV) panels located on the facades of the building has a much lower energy yield that does very little to actually make the building less independent on the grid.

The technology we develop at Un1imted bypasses all the issues mentioned above in regard to traditional PV panels. We create highly efficient concentrator systems that are not only economically viable but also that can be implemented to give any building a high level of self-sustainability and improvements of indoor thermal comfort in the cityscape. The potential of this system has long been dubbed as a missing piece of the puzzle to integrate concentrated solar power into the cityscape. With an architectural understanding of functionality and aesthetics, which ultimately creates a vision of what the cityscapes of more advanced and environmentally conscious future should look like, we proudly present to the world our solution, SolarMill.