This year over 1000 businesses were participating in the Climate LaunchPad contest all around the world. After selecting only a few bests of all of the 35 participating countries, it was narrowed down to 105 companies. Un1imited was one of them, the contest had the same format as it did before (a 5-minute presentation followed by a 3-minute Q&A) only this time the very few best ones will progress towards the final prizes. Many of the finalists were already well-established businesses with decent track records so competition was fierce for a developing start up like Un1imted. Unfortunately, we were not able to stand with the few grand winners.

Climate Launchpad is the world’s largest green business idea competition. This year, Un1imited participated in the competition to see how well our SolarMill does in comparison with all the other green business ideas and product. First, we had to sign up for the United Kingdom local competition. The rules were simple, each contestant can hold a 5-minute presentation followed by 3 minutes of Q&A by the panel of experts. In total, there were 80 green businesses competing in the UK local competition and Un1imited emerged 2nd, which qualifies us to compete in the grand finals in Cyprus in October.