2018 – Pavilion construction Showcase

As our technology is being developed, we are seeking ways of having it recognised and to display its utility to the wider public. In the year 2018, we are hoping to construct a pavilion that will be largely self-sustainable using our concentrators. The premise is that we showcase the ability of our technology to be applied on a construction that is well suited for an urban environment while providing sustainable energy to have it operate optimally. This pavilion can provide electricity and domestic heat applications to the businesses and other occupants that might inhabit it. The construction of the pavilion will also be used as an opportunity to create partnerships with local businesses as another way or generating awareness as well as showcasing how easily it can be integrated into people’s everyday lives even further.

2020 – Making the technology commercially available

We are planning to have a fully developed logistics and manufacturing network by the end of the year 2022. By this time, we expect to fully commercialise our technology and make it available worldwide to be implemented as an integral part of major high-rise construction projects. We expect that by this time we will be able to secure partnerships with real-estate developers within the private as well as the public sector.

Long-term goals

As the technology stands today, we are able to distribute the energy collected by the concentrators and divert up to 80% of its energy for electricity and domestic heating applications. This distribution potentially covers about 60-90% of the total energy use of any given household and the majority of domestic hot water use. Needless to say, at this very moment we cannot have a fully self-sustainable building with the use of our technology. Our hope for the future is that we will be able to achieve that with further research and development. We are committed to the idea of creating a beautiful urban landscape populated by buildings that use our technology to be fully self-sustainable. We believe in a future where we can have tall high-rise buildings in densely populated cities that can still have a clear blue sky unstained by smog and pollutants, where every building has a seemingly living facade that follows the sun – that is the future we want to bring to life.