Lampson Leung

A mediocre student through his earlier life. It was later through his teenage years that he found his inventive talent that he begins excelling in his studies. And, during his moulding period as an inventor, he was fortunate to meet other talented people at each stage to discuss inventing ideas, and principles that would eventually lead him to his profound interest for the built environment. Having completed his early education in Singapore schools, one of the world’s most competitive education system; Lampson thinks that Singaporeans like himself, sometimes need to take a step back to get a bigger picture of their education and passion to see how all these can come in place together. Despite initial parental and friend’s objections, Lampson decided to take a gap year from his half-completed Mechanical Engineering studies at the National University of Singapore in 2009. During his gap year, he also developed his long-sought interests in fine arts and Kung Fu. It was also during his gap year that he first visualized the concept of SolarMill. A solar concentrator for high-rise buildings not only for energy generation but also for moderation of indoor thermal comfort.

It took about 6-8 years for the idea to eventually crystallise into what it is today. The process of getting to this point required Lampson to truly commit to his beliefs in the potential of SolarMill. His way of doing so was to start studying architecture in England in 2010. This gave him ample opportunities to dedicate himself to the goal of finding a way to refine his original idea by managing to find a symbiosis of his prowess as a mechanical engineer and a new understanding of the structural and aesthetic intricacies of architecture. Lampson ended up having a BA(Hons) in Architecture and MSc in Sustainable building and Design from the Oxford School of Architecture. Lampson believes that his greatest strength in tackling the problem of bringing sustainable energy solutions to the built environment is the fact that he can look at any problem from both a mechanical and architect’s perspective without being trapped in one mind set or the other. This is what he believes gives him his conceptual and intellectual flexibility which ultimately allowed him to invent something as imaginative as the SolarMill. Apart from Un1imited, Lampson continues to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavours with other inventions he made in his journey as an inventor, seeing each challenge as another puzzle that needs to be solved. However, he continues to see creating a future in which we can have a sustainable source of energy as the imperative puzzles that need be solve at this age.