Lampson Leung is Founder and CEO of Un1imited. Lampson holds an MSc in Sustainable Building: Performance and Design; and BA (Hons) in Architecture from the Oxford School of Architecture. He is the inventor of SolarMill with a successful track record as an inventor cum entrepreneur of 15 years.

Eric Leung is COO of Un1imited. Eric holds an MSc in Facility and Environment Management from the University College of London (UCL), an MBA from the University of Hull. He is also a Chartered Building Services Engineer with over 30 years of strategic development, and construction process of real estate developments.

Miloš Ćulafić is Director of Business Development at Un1imited. Milos has extensive marketing experience and lives Un1imited’s values of Inspired, Sustainable, Foreseeing. Through leadership and systematic execution of principles and processes, Milos co-ordinates the team to deliver high-quality renewable solutions by ensuring each member plays their role to the best of their ability.


Paola Sassi, PhD is an architect specialised in sustainable design with over 30 years of architectural practice experience. She teaches at Oxford Brookes University, and previously taught at Nottingham and Cardiff Universities. She is the author of ‘Strategies for Sustainable Architecture’, runner-up in the RIBA International Book Award 2007.

Fergus Nicol, PhD is a professor of building physics and human thermal comfort at Oxford Brookes and London Metropolitan Universities. Fergus’ research interests are the implications of energy use and comfort for climate change; and the effect of climate change on energy use and comfort. The ways in which the design of cities and buildings needs to adapt to allow for the effects of climate change.

Nidal Bizri, PhD is a Lens Designer with over 30 years of research and development on various optical applications. Nidal is an Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University. He holds an MSc and a PhD in Applied Optics from the University of Reading.