SolarMill is a concentrator system for BI-CPVT (Building Integrated Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal Collector).

Building integrated means that SolarMill is a rectangular system of concentrator that is scalable to the typology of the building.

Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal Collector means that sunlight gets focused to a small area for higher energy conversion efficiency for electricity and domestic heat applications.


Up to 180x the intensity of the sun for…

  • Providing Electricity and Domestic Hot Water to High-Rise Occupants
  • Reduce dependence on Electrical grid significantly. Up to 90% of the typical household energy.
  • Amazing Energy Efficiency. 4 times more energy efficient than PV panels.
  • Highly Economical Solution. In terms of financial input vs. energy output it is 2-3 cheaper than PV solutions.
  • Active Sun Shade. SolarMill serves as an active shade that can reduce cooling requirements by 30%.
  • Salvages waste heat for passive heating or cooling

We can see from above how SolarMill positions itself in a real time environmental analysis in order to capture the sunlight at the best possible angle throughout the day. This is achieved by using sleek and precise mechanical joints in combination with state of the art photosensitive sensors. SolarMill positions itself slowly and quietly as the sun transverses through the sky. The end results are a seemingly living structure that gently and quietly follows the sun collecting its rays, creating a scene that resembles a breeze moving the leaves of a tree – that is the building of the future, a much cleaner future.